Sadia hot sauce

Meet Sadia's Family 


Since then Sadia has been working with a small team of diligent individuals who believe in her cause, her goals and of course her product to establish a successful business. She is now completely certified and legal in every way. She has decided to call her product: Sadia’s Gourmet Hot Sauce – East African Style.

Everyday is an amazing journey!

 Growing up in Somalia at the tender age of just 8, Sadia began dreaming of one day coming to America. She wanted a better life and to help her family, she finally made it to America eight years ago and is determined to succeed.

Sadia was  always inspired to cook.  Last year Sadia went to the kitchen and began making an old East African family recipe for hot sauce. When she finished, she began sharing it with family and friends without telling them she had made it. The response was, to say the least, extremely positive. Everyone who tried it said with a pleased expression on their face, “This is gooood!” Many had asked where they could buy it. After she  told them she had made it herself, family and friends  encouraged  her to put the product on the market.

Sadia also had her hot sauce tested by a panel from the Festival Foods grocery chain. She was unanimously voted as the best tasting hot sauce and was asked if they could stock her product in their stores. Sadia worked on becoming certified and completed the nutrition facts and product labeling.

During the time she was in the process of legalizing everything, she kept on sharing it with others. She brought her product to her work at a local nursing home where she shared it with co-workers on a pot luck day. The response again was extremely positive. They couldn’t believe she made the product. “Why are you working here?” they asked. “If we had this recipe we would be out selling it. It is so delicious and such good quality. Sell it Sadia!” they said.

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