The Sauce  

                          Sadia’s Gourmet Sauces are family based recipe that has been perfected over generations.  

                    The root of these sauces can be traced to the cosmic cuisine of East Africa. 

                          The sour, sweet, hot tastes of Saida’s Gourmet Sauces give you  a mouth watering and flavorful experience.

                    Sadia’s Gourmet Sauces are 100% natural: no preservatives, no Gluten, no sugar, vegan, made with sea-salt.

                        The finest all-natural ingredients are used.

                    The sweetness of dates and the tanginess of tamarind sets sets them apart from more of the traditional sauces. 

                      Customers overwhelmingly define Sadia’s Gourmet Sauces as delicious, flavorful and unique.

                   Sadia sauces are not only multi-application sauces, they blend smoothly into any occasion.

                        These amazing sauces are perfect as:





  Here’s are of the ways you can enjoy these sauces:

Spicing up soups

Marinade steak, chicken, pork chops, and fish

Salad dressing

Use as sauce with spaghetti, meats, pasta, hamburgers, fries, eggs and


Use as dip with chips, carrots, celery and yogurt.

The search for ideal pizza sauce is over this is it.

Sadia's gourmet hot sauce

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Sadia's gourmet mild sauce

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sadia's gourmet sweet sauce

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